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The Event Crew


The SCUM Event Crew are coordinated band of enthusiastic 'super' volunteers.  Lead by the Event Coordinator, the Event Crew meet on a regular basis to establish who is going to do what.  The main roles at all events are outlined below and are generally rotated amongst the crew members (so everyone gets to ride).  Whilst three people can scrape by in organising a SCUM event, it's easier with many more and often the whole crew gets involved.  There are things to do prior to each event, on the day of, plus after each event (e.g. someone has to pick up and return the toilet).


If you are keen to join the Event Crew or can assist on the day of an event drop us a note via the contact page or chat to one of the crew at the next event.




Race Director

Organises the picking up of the SCUM trailer and timing laptop.  The race laptop/s and trailer will be setup ready to go prior to each race.


On race day the Race Director arrives a good hour and half before race time to set up timing and registration tables.


He/she inputs rider registrations into the DURT timing program.  For riders who have raced with SCUM previously, they will already be in the database, it is just a matter of selecting a category, assigning a race number, payment check boxes and checking membership details (number and date) if applicable recording day licence numbers.  For new riders, minimum details required are name, surname, sex, DOB, category, race number and membership details.


Organises the Rider Briefing.


During race, inputs rider numbers into computer as they pass transition.


Registrar #1

Is really nice and arrives a good hour and half before the start time to help the Race Director setup Rego/Timing area.


Manually records entrants details: race number, name, amount paid, category and any other comments; also compiles the start list. These details are used to check race numbers off when they are returned and to assist with reconciling funds taken.  A Race Balance sheet is to be completed and passed to the Treasurer along with all money collected and any membership forms received.


Acts as the Race Starter.


During race, manually records rider numbers/times, on the provided form, as a hardcopy backup to help the Timing Co-ordinator sort out any computer data entry errors relating to the DURT program.


Registrar #2  - This person can ride

Erect direction signage to the race track and then bunts off relevant areas of track.  Supervises completion of Race Day Licences.  This should be done before riders approach the registration table.  Receives Membership applications/renewals.


All signs and Barriers should be erected at least 30mins prior to rego opening.  Remove all bunting/signs erected on completion of the race.



It is the responsibility of those people nominated to find a 'fill in' if they can't make it on race day. Swaps can be arranged by mutual agreements, but the Event Coordinator & Race Director must be informed beforehand so changes can be noted.