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2017 update: Our Newsletter has got the better of us (it was a lot of work to create our SCUMazine).  Riders can still subscribe to our 'Newsletter' which is now a monthly e-mail summarising what's on, where and when.  Copies of these e-mails are not kept or posted on the website as the most up-to-date info makes it to the website in general and our facebook page.


You can still have a read of our previous Newsletters from the links below .. there's some hidden gems.


We'll post more up-to-date news in the News Section of the Website as well as on facebook plus shoot around the odd e-mail to keep people informed.  Connect with us if you haven't already.


Contributions:  If you have a flair for some creativity or an MTB tale to tell, e-mail: or use the Contact Page and we can include things in the monthly e-mail.






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