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Trail Updates:

Coondoo Vandalism

All Trails Open.

We've built a berm.

Forestry Burn - Now Postponed.




XC Round 5 PinkWheel (22/10/2017)

XC 2017 Series results

Rnd 2 3HR Dusk to Dark - Butterfly 16/09/2017 (corrected)

The Flow (19/08/17)

The Five (20/08/17)




2017 AGM

Fire Ban.

Our new Event Trailer.

New Club Kit.



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2017 SCUM Event Calendar





 19 February
FLOW X - Round 1

A combination of Butterfly & Superbowl


 11 March


XC ENDURO - Round 1 (3hr) Dusk to Dark Coondoo
 TBA (now in August)
FLOW X - Round 2 Superfly

Postponed due to weather. Now on in August (see below).

 16 April
XC Round 1 + Novice# + Mud Flickers* Coondoo


 21 MayXC Round 2 + Novice# + Mud Flickers* ButterflyResults!
 04 JuneFlow X - Round 3 Superfly


 15 June

Coondoo Classic

 CoondooTrail closed for this inter-school event
 18 June

XC Round 3 + Novice# + Mud Flickers*

 16 JulyXC Round 4 + Novice# + Mud Flickers* Coondoo



 19 AugustFlow 'N Five Festival - Flow X CoondooResults!
 20 August
Flow 'N Five  Festival - XC ENDURO - Round 2 (5hrs of super singletrack) CoondooResults!

 16 September


XC ENDURO - Round 3 (3hr) Dusk to Dark #2 ButterflyResults!
 22 October

XC Round 5 + Novice# + Mud Flickers*

Pink Wheel Fundraiser

 CoondooOur Annual PinkWheel Fundraiser for Cancer Council NSW & Final Rnd of the XC Series - Results!
 19 NovemberEnd of season - End of Year Event CoondooDone and dusted


# Novice rides are targeted at riders who are less confident and need to build their skills prior to entering into the main events.  These shorter course events are great for mums and dads, sisters and brothers, even grandparents that are keen to have some fun.  Commencing prior to the main event, the course for this event is open for 30 minutes (max ride approx 45 mins) with riders doing as many laps as they can (or want).


*Mud Flickers is a ride targeted at kids under 11 years of age. The course is short and flat and is usually less than 200m long. It's a whole lot of fun for your 'want to be' World Champion. Mud Flicker events usually run between 10-15 minutes prior to the main event, so bring the kids along. Only occurs if demand if there (suss out the Novice event...).


Please note:

All events are dependant on weather / track conditions; therefore details can change (sometimes at short notice). Please check the SCUM Website & Facebook pages for any updates.


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