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Trail Updates:

All Trails Open.

We've built a berm.

Forestry Burn - Now Postponed.




The Flow (19/08/17)

The Five (20/08/17)

XC Round 4 - Coondoo (16/07/17)

XC Round 3 - Superbowl
(Corrected 18/06/17).

Flow X 3 [or 2] (04/06/17).




New Club Kit.

Track work at Coondoo (berms & bridges).

A Snaking Success.



SCUM Riders!

Got some great photo's?

 Why not send them in to us! You might see your recent ride, race or MTB adventure feature on our Home Page slideshow! 



About ... Membership

Membership Types

There are numerous memerbship types, all are based on how old you are and whether you want to race of not, there is greater flexibility when the 'race' option is chosen however it is up to you.  



For more details on the options and the associated cost for each, please see the MTBA website here.


MTBA have also introduced a Member Benefits program where members can access 100's of discounts and lifestyle options from a varied group of organisations - check it out here.



The Club Fee componenet of the membership cost is only $10.00 (as at July 2016); the MTBA cost varies depending on the options you choose.  You can join SCUM by a number of methods, but the quickest and most convenient is to:


1.  Use the online system provided by MTBA (Mountain Bike Australia)Make sure to choose SCUM as your club.


As a bonus, MTBA have a free 8 week trial (conditions apply); the trial is only for temporary period so check the MTBA website to see if it's still available & for more details (click on the images below).




2.  Sign up at any SCUM event (please pre-fill this form).



3. Complete and scan the form and email it as a .pdf attachment to



4. Your final option is to post the form to:

PO Box 95
Cambewarra  NSW 2540.


Make out cheques or money orders to: South Coast United Mountainbikers Inc. for the MTBA amount (for the relevant amount click here), plus the Club fee of $10.00.



If you are using the Cycling Australia, BMX or ADCC value add option, a photocopy of your current Membership must accompany your application form and if you are value adding after 1st October you must have a Membership from January the following year.



If all this sounds a bit confusing, simply come along to one of our events and we'll assist you to join on the day; bring your smart phone if you want to take advantage of the FREE 8 Week Trial.