Trail Crew

A great way to get more involved in SCUM is to join the SCUM Trail Crew; this dedicated group of people are responsible for the grooming, maintenance and building of the Club's trail network.  Led by the Trails Coordinator the Trail Crew usually meet on the trails a week or so prior to each event. Many tools with be available, but bring your favourite rake, pruners etc. Make sure you bring gloves, a hat and plenty of water.


To join the Trail Crew simply turn up at our next 'Trail Crew event' OR contact us for more information. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates. 


Important information: 

All trail work must be coordinated by the Trails Coordinator.  The occupation permit that SCUM has with Forestry Corporation, along with IMBA guidelines, outlines how the club should maintain its trails so that the trails are sustainable. This means that any work done on trails will:

  • Protect the environment,
  • Meet the needs of the user, and
  • Require little maintenance.

Trail work can be categorised into three main types:

  1. Trail Grooming: Includes the removal of sticks and other loose obstacles from the trail; pruning of foliage and general tidying up of the trail. Trail Grooming requires minimal equipment and anyone can 'groom', even whilst they are riding around. Please note: Trails are not to be altered in any way; trees & shrubs are not to be removed. 
  2. Trail Maintenance: This involves maintaining the trails; repairing them, making drainage improvements or slight trails diversions (all within 5 metres of each side of the existing trail). Trail Maintenance also allows for the creation of rollovers / jumps / berms / drop offs etc. within the existing trail.
  3. Trail Building: Trail Building is the creation of new trails; that is trails that are further than 5 metres of either side of the existing trail OR a completely new trail. Trail Building requires permission from Forestry Corporation and should not be done without permission and consultation with the SCUM Trails Coordinator.

If in doubt, check with the Trail Coordinator before doing any 'work' on a SCUM trail; failure to do so can impact on our usage of the trails within the area.


Trail Work Dig and Ride Days #supportinglegaltrails #getinvolved






Report Illegal Dumping


If you spot evidence of illegal dumping (or someone in the act) report it (if it is safe to do so).  Use the SNAP SEND SOLVE app to alert the appropriate authorities of the issue.  Send us a note too, so that we're alerted and can let other riders know.