Dusk to Dark 3 Hr - Coondoo - Sat 13th April, 2024




What Type of event?  Who can attend?

Enduro (Endurance) Events are marathon style events on a set loop course over a fixed time period (usually 3, 4 or 5 hours).  The length of the loop is usually between 6 to 7½ km’s but can be up to 11km depending on the event length.  There is no set number of laps to complete, the only limit to how many and the number of laps ridden depends on the category that is entered; the only limit is the fitness / stamina and endurance of the rider/s.  Both Solo riders and Team options are available, with varying categories as set out below. 


Enduro's are mass start events, with riders encouraged to self seed based on their capability.  Riders will however compete with others in the same category, with the rider / team with the most laps in allocated time the winner for each category.


The course will close after the designated riding time (in this case 3hrs) and no more riders can commence a lap.  Riders on course will have time to finish their last lap.


There is no requirement to ride for the entire time; although one lap is required for each rider to be given a result.  Riders that withdraw or choose to stop before the cut off time must report to the Race HQ trailer to hand in their race number.


This is an event for all ages and abilities.

Will I need lights?

That depends.  This event starts in the afternoon and finishes in the dark, meaning if you want to ride for the entire event lights are essential.  However if you only want to ride for an hour and half or so, you'll get away with no lights.  For safety reasons, riders will be removed from the race if they do not have lights after approx. 5.00pm

How long is this course?

The Dusk to Dark lap will be approximately 6 km

How do I get there?

Coondoo MTB Trail is on Western Rd, 500m on your right from the highway. Parking will be at the event centre.  Click here for some directions.

What does it cost?

See the pricing table below - Payment is online - Credit / Debit card will be required. A card processing fee will apply.


Membership will be required OR a day event licence must be purchased.  Alternately you may be eligible for a 4 week Free Trial membership, see the AusCycling website for details.

Can I ride in a team? (categories)

Yes, you can choose to ride solo or with a partner. Solo and Team (Pair) categories are available across multiple age groups.

Want to enter a team for the Dusk to Dark race? Here is how:
1. Each rider must enter separately and pay the entry fee individually.
2. In the entry form, both riders must specify the pair category they are entering, such as Female pair (junior), Male pair (open), Mixed pair (open), Mixed pair (senior/junior), and so on.
3. Additionally, both riders must write down the same team name in the entry form to ensure proper pairing during the event.



SCUM is a registered user of the Entry Boss registration system.


To register, follow the link below and either Sign In or Sign Up to create an account.  Once you have an account with Entry Boss you will be able to register for future SCUM events (plus other Club Events) with ease.



Register here: https://entryboss.cc/races/19892 


Registration CLOSES 8:00am on Saturday 13/04/2024 (Race day)


Already entered and now can't make it?
Please use the Scratching function in EntryBoss for an automated refund. Please note the scratching cut-off time is now 9:00am on race day, Saturday 13/04/2024. 


If you have any trouble registering, logging in to Entry Boss or using the Scratching function please send an email to: support@entryboss.cc 


See who you'll racing with on the Start List: https://entryboss.cc/races/19892/startlist 

Rider Briefing?

Race Plate Collection: 

From 2.45pm  - 3.40pm riders can collect their race race plate from the SCUM Event HQ Trailer upon arrival .


Race plates should be affixed to the FRONT of your bike (in front of the cables) so that the plate is visible to marshals (Race Plates must be returned at the end of the event).


Event brief:  3.40pm


Race plates must be returned to SCUM at the SCUM HQ Event Trailer at the end of the event for you to get a valid result.


Race Start Time?

Main event:   4:00pm

Course Closure:

7.00pm (3 hrs after race start time), although riders can complete their last lap. The whole event should be finished by 7.30pm. 

What if I get hungry?

A BBQ/Food stall will be at the event with basic BBQ goodies, cookies and slices and drinks for sale.


Card and cash accepted. Please bring coins and small notes as we will have limited capacity to provide change. If you do not have the correct money you can buy a few more sausages OR make a donations to our trail crew!!


Riders are also encouraged to bring their own go fast gells, water etc

What else?

First aid and toilet facilities are available at all SCUM events - BYO water and other beverages. Hand sanitising / cleaning facilities will be provided.


Check out our event calendar for our full program.


Event Prices:


All Events (inc. Novice events) Event fee# AusCycling day licence fee* Total Cost / Event
Senior AusCycling members (19 years & over) $15.00 na $15.00
Junior AusCycling members (under 19 years) $5.00 na $5.00
Senior non members (19 years & over - no AusCycling membership) $15.00 $30.00 $45.00
Junior non members (under 19 years - no AusCycling membership) $5.00 $30.00 $35.00

      *AusCycle one day event licence fee or multiday event licence fee (this is required if you want to race).

*Avoid day licence fees by becoming a member OR take advantage of AusCycles's FREE 4 week trial offer more details here. $XX.XX na $XX.XX
# NB: A card processing fee will apply with the Entry Boss System