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The Committee

SCUM operates with a band of super volunteers; a committee and various crews of enthusiastic members.  We all love to ride and are passionate about all things Mountain Biking. The constitution used by the club guides the committee and various crews as they oversee the running of events and the maintenance and development of our trails.  For some more detail on how the club works and the role each committee member plays download the Committee Members Roles & Responsibilities document.


The 2023/2024 committee members are:


Kath Paul Katie Matt K Rosemary Val
Sarah Holly Lynne Tony Scott Aaron Lad


President - Nick Smee

Secretary - Kath Hopkins
Treasurer - Paul Nixon

Trails Coordinator - Val Gomez

Committee / subcommittee member - Rosemary Morgan

Committee / subcommittee member - Aaron Coghlan

Committee / subcommittee member - Lad Miklos

Committee / subcommittee member - Lynne Vaughan
Committee / subcommittee member - Tony Conroy

Committee / subcommittee member - Katie Lahodny

Committee / subcommittee member - Holly Macken

Committee/ subcommittee member - Scott Woods

Committee/ subcommittee member - Tony Conroy

Committee/ subcommittee member - Sarah Lewis




Committee meetings occur on the first Wed of the month at 6pm. 


As per the constitution, Committee members, including the executive committee members, are elected at the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a term of approx. 12 months, after which (i.e. at the next AGM), all positions are vacated and new elections are held. Previous committee members and executive members are eligible for re-election.


If you are interested in helping out at a Club Event or with Trail Maintenance or even as part of the Committee, jump on the Contact Page and let us know.  We'd love to hear from you.



The Constitution

The constitution outlines the rules and obligations of the club to operate within NSW. When the club was originally incorporated the club members adopted a “Model Sport Club Constitution” as prepared by the then NSW Sport and Recreation (NSWSR) and the Office of Fair Trading. This constitution has since been updated and superseded by a “Model Constitution” developed by NSW Fair Trading. The current version, which is dated 2016, can be found here.


From time to time NSW Fair Trading update the Model Constitution to ensure that it complies with relevant legislation changes; more details are available at the NSW Fair Trading website.



Annual General Meeting 2023

The 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Wednesday 6 December 2023, 6pm at the Nowra Town Library Meeting room (underneath the main library).


At the AGM we hear about the activities and achievements of the club in the preceding year, an overview of the clubs financial positions and we see the election of a new committee.  All club members, including prospective club members are welcome to attend AGM's.  However, only fully financial members are eligible to vote and nominate for club positions.


2023 SCUM AGM Agenda

2023 SCUM AGM Minutes


To find out more about the operations of the Club and the current committee, including the club's constitution etc. please head to the clubs "About" page here.