Shop - Official Club Merchandise & Clothing


OK we do say 'Shop' but there is actually no 'sales facility' here (sorry) BUT we have partnered with PRISM (an External Provider) who do have a CLUB PORTAL where you can register and then go shopping.  There's heaps of options, Juniors, Seniors, Race Fit, Premium, Budget plus casual clothing ... you can even get a SCUM Socks and a SCUM Cap.


Prices vary depending on the quality and size of the kit you're after ... perhaps a Casual T Shirt for $35.00 or maybe some Junior Jersey for $60.00, or maybe the full blown no expense spared one-piece Skunkworx Crit Suit for $365.00 ... check them all out.


Hit the link or any of the pics to head to the PRISM Website.