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Watch the weather too as trails could be weather affected: Ride safe & have fun



August 2018

James Williamson Junior Development Camp opportunity.  SCUM is seeking keen juniors to attend, and you could go for FREE ... head to our Novice / Junior page for more details.


June 2018 - we've had some weather ...

Some trails will be more effected than others.  Please take care and be responsible on the trails - i.e. if it looks too wet it probably is.  Do the trails and your bike a favour, keep off them until things dry out a bit ...


April 2018

Bee Aware, there are some bee hives out at Superbowl ... Forestry Corp have been made aware - and the bees have now been removed.



Aug 2017

Spotted our new event trailer yet ... it's hard to miss.



July 2017

Gimlet (at Coondoo) gets a make over ... onya Trail Crew



That Coondoo Berm

We've built a berm at Coondoo at the bottom of Rocky and Bullwinkle - get out there and ride it.  Here's a few pics ...

Where is this berm ...??

April 2017

A top effort by the trail crew on the bridge just entering Cyprus Hill ... it was a case of out with the old and in with the new. All set for Round 1 of the XC series at Coondoo ...
OK the Simon and Garfunkel pun on the side bar of  the website's home page is a bit old school; perhaps we need some younger web moderators ;)


August 2016



Some great work on Morrocco Mole @ Coondoo in preperation for the Coondoo 5hr Marathon - Fantastic Effort Trail Crew!!  Can't want to ride this snaking platform ...