Flow X Round  2 - Coondoo - Sat 27th April



What Type of event?  Who can attend?

Flow Cross (Flow X) events are Staged Cross Country events however, rather than having a set number of laps to complete there are between 3 & 4 timed stages, with non-timed liaison sections in between.  This is super relaxed, you can blast along the timed sections then cruise and chat to your mates on the way back to the next timed section. There is a cut-off point (the course is closed) where no further 'runs' can be commenced.


Flow X events are particularly suitable to new riders, although anyone can attend.  Please note the entry categories are the same as those for XC events, just ignore the number of laps (see our categories page).  At this event there is no specific Novice event.

How long is this course?

It's up to you, but expect to ride around 10-12km overall.

How do I get there?

Coondoo: https://goo.gl/maps/GdvYenECFZqm2rH69

What does it cost?

See the pricing table below - Payment is online - Credit / Debit card will be required. A card processing fee will apply.


Membership will be required OR a day licence must be purchased.  See the AusCycling website for details on a 4 week Free Trial.  Membership / Licence details must be produced if requested.

Rider Briefing?

We are COVID safe ... All attendees (participants and spectators) must adhere to the NSW Government restrictions as they are set at the time of the event.  These guidelines can change quickly, therefore please check the NSW COVID-19 website for the most up to date information: https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19


If you have any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms please stay home and do not attend.


Help us stay COVID safe.  For further information on how SCUM is being COVID Safe please read our COVID-19 Safety plan


Rider Chip Collection: 

Riders can collect their race race chips from 1.00pm from the SCUM Event HQ Trailer Coondoo Trailhead. Race chips should be affixed to your RIGHT WRIST as all recording tags will be on your right (Race Chips must be returned at the end of the event).


Event briefing:  1.45pm


Social distancing is recommended at Run/Race starts; riders can start at any gate, and riders will be encouraged to "space" their start time so to avoid the need to overtake. Riders are however encouraged to practice social distancing if they need to overtake.


Race chips must be returned to SCUM at the SCUM HQ Event Trailer at the end of the event.



SCUM uses the Entry Boss registration system.


To register, follow the link below and either Sign In or Sign Up to create an account.  Once you have an account with Entry Boss you will be able to register for future SCUM events (plus other Club Events) with ease.


REGISTRATION OPEN NOW - Closes at 8.00am Sat 27 April


Register here: https://entryboss.cc/races/20262

See who you'll racing with on the Start List. 


Be confident in your registration.  If you register and then can't make it, you can cancel it anytime before the race starts.  Simply use the Scratching function in EntryBoss for an automated refund. 


If you have any trouble registering, logging in to Entry Boss or using the Scratching function please send an email to: support@entryboss.cc 

Race Start Time?

The course will be open from 1.00pm for practice runs, with timed racing starting from 2.00pm

Course Closure:

The course will close at 4.00pm, after which no new runs can commence (Riders will be able to complete their final runs).  Expect things to be all over by 4.30pm

What if I get hungry?

We'll have a BBQ cranking ($2.00 for a sausage)


Soft drinks will be available - $2.00 a can


We encourage people to use our contactless payment method via credit / debit card OR bring the correct money as we will have limited ability to provide change. If you do not have the correct money you can always buy an extra can/sausage OR make a donations to our trail crew.


Riders are also encouraged to bring their own go-fast gels.

What else?

First aid and toilet facilities are available at all SCUM events - BYO water and other beverages. Hand sanitizing / cleaning facilities will be provided.


See our categories page

Check out our event calendar for our full program.


Event Prices:


All Events (inc. Novice events) Event fee# AusCycling event licence fee* Total Cost / Event
Senior AusCycling members (19 years & over) $15.00 na $15.00
Junior AusCycling members (under 19 years) $5.00 na $5.00
Senior non members (19 years & over - no AusCycling membership) $15.00 $30.00 $45.00
Junior non members (under 19 years - no AusCycling membership) $5.00 $30.00 $35.00

*AusCycle one day event licence fee or multiday event licence fee (this is required if you want to race).

*Avoid day licence fees by becoming a member OR take advantage of AusCycles's FREE 4 week trial offer, more details here. $XX.XX na $XX.XX
# NB: A card processing fee will apply with the Entry Boss System