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The categories and number of laps or distance ridden vary depending on the style and type of event. Helmets are complusory for all events.


Cross Country (XC) events have specified age based categories and lap number requirements (see the table below).  Mud-flicker, Novice, Marathon and Flow X events may use similar categories but will have different lap number / time requirements, for example:

  • Cross Country (XC) events use the categories listed below. As different couses are used the legth of each laps can vary, distances are usually between 5.7 and 7.5 km.  The duration of an XC event will depend on the category entered and the riders ability; normally XC events are done and dusted in under 2hrs.
  • Mud-flicker events are geared toward those aged under 11 years who are super keen and want to have go. These events usually happen over a 100-150m loop track and go for approximately 15 minutes. Any type of bike is allowed (including balance bikes, bikes with trainer wheels etc.). This type of event only runs if there is demand.
  • Novice events target those a little unsure about entering the main event, but want to have a good go. There is no age limit for the Novice event (it is suitable for young and old).  A great way for mum or dad, even grandma or grandpa to have a go and see what all the fun is about. The course is a shortened section of the main track (between 2-3km) and riders do as many laps as they can (or want to do) in the specified time. The course is closed at the 30 minute mark so riders can finish their last lap. The Novice event is usally done and dusted in about 45 minutes.
  • Marathon events are events held over set time periods (e.g. 3hrs duration). The course length again depends on where the marathon is held but can be anywhere between 5.7km and 10.5km long. In a Marathon event the course closes at the end of the advertised time (the cut off time) allowing riders to complete their last lap. No riders will be allowed to commence a new lap after the cut-off time. Marathon events will use similar aged based categories as XC events but will also have team options available. 
  • Flow Cross (Flow X) events are staged Cross Country (XC) races, the categories are often the same, however there are no set laps specified. Rather there are between 3 & 4 timed stages, with non-timed liaison sections in between so you can cruise and chat to your mates on the way to the next timed satge. There is usually a cut-off point when the course is closed and no further 'runs' can be completed.

See individual event details on our events page, if you are not sure what category to enter ask us on the day or contact the SCUM Crew with any specific questions. 


Category NameAge Restrictions**No. of Laps*
Elite FemaleNone (open)5
Elite MaleNone (open)5
Expert FemaleNone (open)4
Expert MaleNone (open)4
Sport Female (A)None (open)3
Sport Male (A)None (open)3
Sport Female (B)None (open)2
Sport Male (B)None (open)2
Under 19 Female17-18 **3
Under 19 Male17-18 **3
Under 17 Female15-16 **3
Under 17 Male15-16 **3
Under 15 Female13-14 **2
Under 15 Male13-14 **2
Under 13 MixedUnder 13 **1
Veteran Female30-393
Veteran Male30-393
Masters Male40-493
Masters Female40-493
Super Masters Female50-593
Super Masters Male50-593
Grand Masters Female60+3
Grand Masters Male60+3
* The No. of laps is a guide that should apply to most races/tracks however these can be changed at the race directors discretion to suit the chosen track for the event.** Your age is calculated as being the age you will be on the 31 Dec of the current calendar year.   For example, if you are turning 15 before 31 Dec, but are currently 14 years old you MUST race in the Under 17 Category all year.  You CAN NOT race in the Under 15 category, as you will be 15 on the 31 Dec.