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Trail Updates:

All Trails Open.

We've built a berm.

Forestry Burn - Now Postponed.




The Flow (19/08/17)

The Five (20/08/17)

XC Round 4 - Coondoo (16/07/17)

XC Round 3 - Superbowl
(Corrected 18/06/17).

Flow X 3 [or 2] (04/06/17).




New Club Kit.

Track work at Coondoo (berms & bridges).

A Snaking Success.



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July 2017

Gimlet (at Coondoo) gets a make over ... onya Trail Crew



We've built a berm at Coondoo at the bottom of Rocky and Bullwinkle - get out there and ride it.  Here's a few pics ...

Where is this berm ...??

April 2017

27/04/2017: Postponed - Hazard Reduction Burn

The proposed burn of Currambene State Forest has now been postponed to Autumn 2018 ... obviously there will be no impact at this time.  Let's keep riding.



Forestry Corp are planning to do a Hazard Reduction Burn of the Currambene State Forest during late April / early May 2017 - the exact timing depends on the weather situation.  Road signage and forestry closures will be in place.  This is expected to impact the SCUM Superbowl Trail and potentially our Butterfly Trail.  Access to these trails during this time will be compromised.  FURTHER DETAILS WILL BE ADVISED ASAP



A top effort by the trail crew on the bridge just entering Cyprus Hill ... it was a case of out with the old and in with the new. All set for Round 1 of the XC series at Coondoo ...
OK the Simon and Garfunkel pun on the side bar of  the website's home page is a bit old school; perhaps we need some younger web moderators ;)


August 2016



Some great work on Morrocco Mole @ Coondoo in preperation for the Coondoo 5hr Marathon - Fantastic Effort Trail Crew!!  Can't want to ride this snaking platform ...